Lesson Plans

Sugar Detective

Help students gauge healthy food and drink choices by comparing the sugar content of various drinks. Guide them to calculate and graph serving sizes to best evaluate the dietary facts of each beverage.

Vital Vitamins

Build students’ background knowledge about vitamins and minerals by having them research, design, and share fruit and vegetable salads. Experiment with different combinations to help them find the most nutritious recipes and portion sizes for their daily diets.


The Life of a Soda

Discover what goes into making soda with your student – from the water bases to the fizzy bubbles.

How Much Sugar is in Your Drink?

How much sugar do you consume each day? Learn how to avoid getting too much sugar through what you drink.

Pick Chow!

Challenge your students to make a 5-star meal. Students will choose their favorite foods to create their dream meal. Meals can then be printed to make at home!


Sugar Smarts

Learn the different sugar contents of soda, orange juice, milk, and water.


Explore the difference between good and bad carbohydrates and what they do.

Fizzy Fruit

Learn how to make healthy, homemade sodas.

After-School Snacks

Help students create healthy, energy-rich afterschool snacks.

Pick A Perfect Portion

Explore the importance of choosing the right serving sizes.


Uncover the nutrients essential for growth, development, and overall health.