Lesson Plans

One Fine Day

Show students how they can track the amount of time they spend sleeping, moving, and using screen media and compare it to the recommended daily times spent on each activity. Afterwards, have each student create a personalized health plan.

Recharge Yourself!

Prompt students to consider the importance of rest and relaxation by interviewing their classmates about the different ways they recharge. Analyze the popular results and compare them to the recommended healthy relaxation techniques. Encourage each student to develop a healthy recharge plan that works best for them.

Dream On

Analyze how sleep affects students’ brain functions by addressing the negative consequences of too little sleep. Then allow students to research changes they can make at home to make the perfect sleep zone and improve the quality of their sleep.


14 Healthy Ways for Kids to Relax

Share these visual steps to relaxation with your students to help them find ways to combat anxiety and stress.

Recharge Horoscope

Lead your students through this interactive challenge to help them understand what different activities enhance relaxation.

Your Head-to-Toe Guide to Sleep Activity

Explore the importance of sleep with your students by uncovering the connections sleep has with school, weight, hyperactivity, and sadness.

Make a Perfect Sleep Zone Activity

Help students design a perfect space for easy sleep by rethinking the layout of their sleep zone.


Effects of Exercise on the Brain

Understand how physical activities produce chemical changes in your brain.

Good Ways to Cope With Stress

Find tips to help your students combat stress including listening to music, breathing exercises and more.

What Do You Do to Relax?

Interview students about how they like to relax.

Chef Lizzie on Recharge

Chef Lizzie presents tips on how to recharge.

Exercise and Memory

Work with your class to develop tests that determine whether physical activity improves memory.

Pineal Gland

This video reveals how the pineal gland produces melatonin, the hormone that regulates when humans sleep and wake.